Hello! I'm a final year PhD student at the Computer Sciences Department of University of Wisconsin-Madison where I'm very fortunate to be advised by Christos Tzamos. I'm broadly interested in designing algorithms under uncertainty, approximation and online algorithms, mechanism design and machine learning.

Before joining UW-Madison I did my undergrad in Greece, in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of National Technical University of Athens.

Here's a copy of my CV [Last Updated: December 2023]


  • Contextual Pandora's Box [arXiv]
    Alexia Atsidakou, Constantine Caramanis, E.G., Orestis Papadigenopoulos, Christos Tzamos
    AAAI '24

  • Weitzman's Rule for Pandora's Box with Correlations [arXiv]
    E.G., Christos Tzamos
    NeurIPS '23
  • Approximating Pandora’s Box with Correlations [arXiv, slides]
    Shuchi Chawla, E.G., Jeremy McMahan, Christos Tzamos
    APPROX '23
  • Graph Connectivity with Noisy Queries [arXiv]
    Dimitris Fotakis, E.G., Charilaos Pipis, Miltiadis Stouras, Christos Tzamos
    MFCS '23
  • Prophet Secretary Against the Online Optimal [arXiv, slides]
    Paul Duetting, E.G., Rojin Rezvan, Yifeng Teng, Alexandros Tsigonias-Dimitriadis
    EC '23
  • Online Learning for Min Sum Set Cover and Pandora's Box [arXiv, slides]
    E.G., Christos Tzamos
    ICML '22
  • The Complexity of Black-Box Mechanism Design with Priors [ACM]
    E.G., Brendan Lucier, Christos Tzamos
    TEAC, Special Issue on EC’19
  • Pandora's Box with Correlations: Learning and Approximation [arXiv, slides]
    Shuchi Chawla, E.G., Yifeng Teng, Christos Tzamos, Ruimin Zhang
    FOCS '20
  • Black-box Methods for Restoring Monotonicity [arXiv, slides]
    E.G., Brendan Lucier, Christos Tzamos
    ICML '20
  • The Complexity of Black-Box Mechanism Design with Priors [arXiv, slides]
    E.G., Brendan Lucier, Christos Tzamos
    EC '19


  • Learning Augmented Online Facility Location [arXiv]
    Dimitris Fotakis, E.G., Themis Gouleakis, Nikolas Patris



Evangelia Gergatsouli